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Train your workforce integrating your production plan and taking into account your constraints

Since 2005, SHORETEAM is registered at the Normandy Prefecture under the 25 14 02045 14 number. Under this status, we can act as a training center for our customers to train their workers and technicians on various skills from management project to composites implementation. 

Our trainings are focused on our experiences in production. Indeed, we know, to have undergone them, your constraints (cost, cycle time, equipments, skill level and autonomy). Our trainings are concentrated on practises and take into account your production programm

None exhaustive trainings list

Theory of thermoset composites

Implementation and trial infusion characterization

Some molding implementation by infusion process 

Basic principles for parts development following ECO RTM process

Manufacturing of production tools for molding following ECO RTM process 

Parts realization following ECO RTM process with integrated channel 

Mass parts production following ECO RTM and infusion processes

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